The First Match….

So I got my first match, first step towards exploring out of my circle.  I saw the notification and before I could react on that I got the message –


He -“HIE”

He – “How are you DEAR”

I kind of found it little weird as after my school leave application, I have seen this word being use as common vocabulary. Just to ensure I did swipe on the correct profile, I went through the profile again. Seems like one of my kind but whats with DEAR and HIE ? But again giving him a B.O.D ( benefit of doubt) I replied

Me – “hey”

Me – “I am good, hope you doing good too”.

After a pause he replied and what he replied was enough for me to feel like killing him or rather me.

He – ” Had your dinner dear”.

He – ” If not can I serve you me”.

Me – ” No and I am a Veg”.

He – ” Dont worry I love Non veg let me eat you”.dumbass

I felt like I accidentally ate a rotten cherry, as it is the line was not cheesy enough…  Yaar move on get new lines, even if you want to get laid. Have some sort of class, baton se fislao tabhi na tum par fisalegi. If your language is not strong then google it. I am sure googling ” top ways to get into conversation” will help more than googling ” ways to get laid” (Koi batao inhe patloon main auzar hai toh iska matlab yeh nahi khule aam estemal hoga) And I lost my appetite… My dream of finding my prince charming came crashing

( Not really lol ). Like every action has a reaction, my action was “UNMATCH”.      “Humara tumsey Na ho payega”….

Tip from this – Zaruri nahi packing achi ho toh, andar ka maal bhi achaa hoga.

Hunt continues… tinder




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